Are You Ready To Restart Driving Lessons?

Driving lessons are due to resume from 12th April. We haven’t been able to conduct driving lessons since mid December, many of you are going to be nervous as you haven’t driven a car for so long. However we have been here before! We were in a national lockdown for several months last year and I found that students although a little nervous soon overcome their nerves and continued to drive just as well as they did prior to the lockdown. Are you still fit to drive? Have you had any changes to your health which may effect your driving? If so please seek advise from your doctor and ask him/her if you are able to continue driving lessons!

Book Your Driving Lessons ASAP

If you haven’t already booked your lessons from April 12th I would recommend that you do this ASAP. I have limited availability remaining and booking remains to be on a first come first served basis. Many people have turned 17 during the lockdown and there is a spike in new pupils wanting to start driving lessons. If you wish to continue driving lessons but have yet to book please contact me so we can arrange your lessons. If you are planning to restart driving but are not quite ready due to work, collage or other commitments then please let me know so you can keep your place! Call me on 07401100886, or email

Theory Tests

Many people have asked me if they are going to extend the theory test certificate? Unfortunately this is not going to be the case and the theory test certificate will not be extended beyond it’s current expiry. If your test has been postponed and your theory test certificate has expired unfortunately you will need to resit and pass another theory and hazard perception exam. If you had a practical test booked and your theory test certificate has expired DVSA has said that they will refund the price of the practical driving test. Theory Tests will be at the normal fee.

Practical Driving Tests

Practical Driving Tests have been suspended until 22nd April 2021. If you have a test booked and it’s due to take place prior to this date then unfortunately this will be postponed. The DVSA will contact you with a new date. When you get the new date please let me know ASAP as I already have tests booked from April 22nd and these may clash and may have to be rearranged again! Practical tests are going to be hard to book with so many tests postponed I expect the wait for a test will be at least 2-3 months maybe even longer.

Any Concerns

If you have any concerns regarding restarting lessons, theory or practical tests please let me know. You can contact me on 0740 1100886 or email I’ll be happy to help!

See you soon!