Theory Test

The first obstacle to overcome is the Theory Test. You can take your theory test at any stage of your learning but you must have passed it in order to be able to book your practical driving test.

The test is carried out at a theory test centre, you will be seated at a computer and you will be told to follow the instructions. You will have the chance to answer a few practice questions so that you can get used to working the computers.

You will have 57 minutes to answer 50 multiple choice questions. Then you can take up to a 3 minute break before moving on to the Hazard Perception Test. You will be given 14 video clips to watch, each clip features every day road scenes and will contain at least one developing hazard, one of the clips will show two developing hazards.

A developing hazard is something which you will need to take action like changing speed or direction. You will get points for spotting the hazard, the quicker you see the hazard the more points you will earn. The points awarded will scale down from 5 points for a fast click down to 0 points if you clicked too late or just didn’t see the hazard at all. Don’t click too often as if you exceed the number of clicks allowed you will score 0 for that clip!

To pass the test you will need to get at least 43 out of 50 on the multiple choice Theory Test and 44 out of 75 points on the Hazard Perception Test. You will need to pass both tests to achieve a pass certificate, if you fail one of the tests you will need to retake both parts.

Booking Your Theory Test 

When booking your theory test please make sure you do so on the official website. Many sites appear on the top of Goolge searches, just because they are the top of Google doesn’t mean that it is the official website, these websites pay for the high position and are often booking agents and may charge a fee for booking your test. Please use this link

Free Theory Test Practice

All my pupils receive free theory test practice with Theory Test Pro. You can practice both the multiple choice test and hazard perception, you can even take mock tests. You may also practice by subject so if there is a subject you find particularly challenging you can just select that subject to practice. I can also see what questions you are doing well at and the ones where you are struggling with, so I can offer help and support to get your scores better. Theory Test Pro will not only tell you what questions you got right or wrong but also give the an explanation of why the answer is right/wrong. If you would like to practice your theory please ask me to invite you to the app.

Theory Test Pro App, online theory test practice