Driving Test

You can book your practical driving test once you have passed your theory test. When booking your test please make sure that you go though the official website or I can book the test on your behalf. Test centres are very busy and you normally have to book several weeks in advance, however if you wanted a closer date keep checking the website as there are often cancelations.

What to expect in your driving test

The practical driving test is around 38-40 minutes long. You will be tested on the things you have practiced on your lessons. The test is taken by a DVSA examiner. You will be asked to read a number plate from 20 meters away to check your eyesight. You will then be asked a ‘Tell Me’ question where you explain how you’d carry out a safety task relating to your car, you may have to open the bonnet for this task. You will then be asked to get comfortable in the car ready for your drive.

Independent Driving

The test is split in 2 halves one part you will be following directions from the examiner and other part you will be driving independently either following directions from the sat nav or following road signs. 4 out of 5 tests will be following directions from the sat nav, 1 in 5 tests following road signs.


You will be asked to do one manoeuvre during the test this will be one of the following: Bay Parking (forward or reverse), Parallel/Reverse Parking or Pull up on the Right (and reverse back 2 car lengths).

During the test you will be asked to pull up on the left a number of times in various positions for example on a busy road, behind a parked car or on a steep hill, this is to make sure you are doing your blind spot checks and that you have control of the car.

Demonstrating Controls

While you are driving you will be asked a ‘show me’ question where you will have to perform a task like turning on the headlights or washing and wiping the front screen. You may or may not have to carry out an emergency stop on the test. Your driving instructor can accompany you on the test be cannot help you in anyway.

To pass the test you will have to complete the test with no serious or dangerous driving faults and you must accumulate no more than 15 minor driving faults.

Are You Ready To Take Your Driving Test?

To be ready for your driving test you need to be confident in driving the car independently. You will not be given any help or advise from the examiner. The examiner will expect you to keep up with traffic and make progress with little hesitation.

Are you driving the car yourself?

Or am I telling you:

– When to change gear?

– Asking you what the speed limit is? (Because your driving too fast or too slow)

– Talking you through your manoeuvres?

– Telling you which lane you need?

– Reminding you which exit to take at the roundabout because you forgot!

– Helping you when you can’t work out if there is enough space for you to get your car through?

– Reminding you not to lift your clutch up too high as you pull out at junctions or traffic lights?

If all, or any of the above apply to you, then you are not test ready!

Driving Lessons