Phil BSM Driving Instructor

Call 07401100886 to book a lesson

driving lessons in colchester,harwich, clacton

Driving Lessons in a brand new Peugeot 308

Having a driving licence can unlock your road to freedom. You will no longer have to rely on public transport or your parents taking you to where you need to be. It can even unlock the path to a new career. At BSM driving school, we believe in teaching you to drive safe and not just how to pass your test. We teach you the skills to become a Better Safer Motorist through our client centred driving lessons.

I offer driving lessons in the CO postcode area including the Essex towns of Colchester, Clacton, Harwich & surrounding areas. You can pay per hour or I also offer bulk packages.

Learn to drive in a brand new manual Peugeot 308 (replaced every 52 weeks)

If you would like more information or to book a lesson please contact me on 0740 1100886.

Hours: Monday-Friday 09:00-18:00 Saturday 10:00-18-00

Driving Lessons

I am a trainee driving instructor therefore the prices I offer could be less than other local instructors.

Pay as You Go £22ph

Bulk Buy 10 hours for £200* a saving of £20

6 Hours for £120* a saving of £12

*Bulk lessons must be taken in blocks of at least 2 hours.

When booking you will need to pick a slot:


The first hurdle to overcome to get your full UK driving licence is the Theory and Hazard perception test. I offer Free Online Theory Test Help with Theory Test Pro. I can track your progress and offer help and support to help you pass your theory test.

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